Tuesday 25 April 2017

4 Ground Ruins of Daldorr

Hi all

Today I have a pretty special post to share with you all. Kaelo Rylanus and myself attended the Salute event in London this weekend passed, where we were both so impressed with the scenery pieces by 4 Ground, that we both walked away hands full and wallets lighter.

I'm sure Kaelo will share the purchases he made in a future post, but as for myself, I picked up a number of the Ruins of Daldorr kits as I feel they will go with my Flesh Eaters well.

I decided to crack right on with building my first kit, the "corner with stairway", and here is the end result.


I must say that this really is a joy to put together. The instructions are really simple to follow, as you can see below, and the pieces fit together like a dream. The only thing I will mention is you will need a large number of pegs or clamps, as they are vital for getting a good finish and alignment with the gluing. 


Another thing I really like about this kit, is the ability to customise the ruins to your liking due to the multiple interchangeable parts. 


This means you could potentially purchase multiple kits and put them together to build a larger piece of scenery.

As you can tell in the pictures, the pieces also come already painted, which is a huge bonus for me. I am however consisting weathering it a little using washes or powder. I will be sure to share more pictures when I get round to doing that :-)

Overall, i can not recommend 4 Ground enough. Fantastic value for money and a great looking product at the end of it. Stay tuned for more scenery in future posts.

Take care :-)  

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  1. Looking forward to cracking on with some of mine too :)