Thursday 23 March 2017


Hello everyone,

A very interesting day for news on the Warhammer front!

So to begin with Shadespire has been previewed at Adepticon, obviously it is a new boardgame from GW which features both models and card decks.

The best way to hear an in depth description of the game is to check out the latest Warhammer Weekly with Vince and Tom.

Just head over to War of Sigmar and there is a link there to the video.

Now I will warn you the audio is poor due to them having internet issues but if you really want to hear about the game go to around the 15 minute mark and be patient as they do repeat the information.

They do mention that GW have said that other races will feature in this game too, so its not just Stormcast and Khorne! Hooray! This should hopefully mean AOS rules for these characters too! Come on GW lets have more Ironjawz characters!


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A bit blurry but hopefully there will be some good conversion opportunities in these Nurgle Cultists for AOS Marauders! I am hoping we will get a better look at the cultist kit soon, to see what possibilities there could be.

Also I'm hoping for Nurgle Pestigors! Hopefully GW will have seen the worth in having kits like the Tzaangors and Arcanties which can be used in both universes.

So onto to another post about the Kharadron Overlords!

Thanks again,

Aveinus Kaane.

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  1. One thing I feel you forget to say about the game, is that there is a female stormcast. I find this good because it could add a bit of depth, and also it may be interesting if they are introduced in the novels etc