Sunday 14 August 2016

Kaelo Rylanus; Age of Sigmar Open Day Boards - Picture heavy

As promised yesterday, here is a better selection of images for the 2 boards. We were told that the green board shows the verdant homelands of the Sylvaneth and the barren board showed what an Orruk controlled area of the realms would look like. Finally, there was a city type board. Let's take a look at the Sylvaneth board first.

The trees were made from actual dried roots! Some of these had twigs or other roots attached using filler to make them bigger where desired. 

For me, this is technically the best board I have ever seen. The use of different materials to create the realistic woodland effect were fantastic and the overall result was spot on.

The second board was made to show a barren landscape as if hordes of rampaging Orruks had scoured the land. This looked like mud you would find in your garden and the effect was perfect. 

From dead trees to patches of boulders the barren design felt real. The dead trees were made in exactly the same way as the previous ones.

Finally was a sort of city board in AoS style. It really made me fancy giving a cobble stone city a go in the future probably based around the FW city board layouts for ease of for thought.

I was lucky enough to talk to one of the scenery designers for a long time and he was very informative. He stressed to me that the realms are infinite and that anything you can imagine can exist, lava wasn't exclusive to the Realm of Fire and indeed you were encouraged to find and create your own areas in the realms to fight over. Be it Life, Death, or any other of the realms, it would be possible to find any type of terrain both realistic or imaginary. This has given me a fantastic idea that I will flesh out in the future.

So there we have it. Unfortunately the photos do not do the boards justice and I hope there is a future opportunity to see these again. I really want to know what type of boards you are all working on or any cool ideas you have - for boards or even areas of the realms you plan to fight over! Let me know below, subscribe or drop me an email sometime!

Thanks for reading, hope you have enjoyed the coverage.

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  1. Great looking boards! I like the combination of real and plastic on the Orruk and Sylvaneth! Not sure they would work for gaming on though. Hopefully I will get a chance to see in person at some point.

    I really like the city board, looks great and it practical to game on! I would be great to see them release some tiles based that board!

    1. I asked about further Realm of Battle boards and they said that there probably wouldn't be. Maybe aske Blake lol

  2. I want to make a Realm of Shyish board, but I feel that I need to know more of the realm.