Thursday 15 February 2018

Shadespire - Spiteclaw's Swarm

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Recently we have been lucky to receive a few items to review from Games Workshop. Today I wanted to take a look at an item I am personally looking forward to - Spiteclaw's Swarm expansion for Shadespire. I haven't spent as much time as I would have liked playing Shadespire, but it is a cracking game which seems to be incredibly popular. Let's take a look shall we?!

The front of the box:

The back!:

Let's take a look at the models!! One thing I talk about all the time to my friends is that I love the movement that GW captures in new models. Where fantasy used to be regimental, the models were very restrictive in their movement, but the change to round bases has allowed for some great sculpts (we just need GW to resculpt some of the older models like Wood Elves!!!) and these are no exception. I will actually be buying a ton of these to kitbash/convert into a more modern looking Clanrat pack!

A tidy tray for it all to be kept in:

Front and back of sprue 1:

Front and back of sprue 2:

The booklet and assembly guide:

Next up is the cards. This is the first expansion pack I have owned and I am super surprised by how many cards it comes with!! There is a fantastic variety of cards which is perfect for gaming, both in a casual and more hardcore sense.

Deck 1 - Skills:

Deck 2 - more Skaven specific:

For me, the pack is great value. If it had only been a handful of cards and 5 models I may have been put off but there is a *ton* of cards in here. Also, GW have released TWO warscrolls for the pack! The first one is for the 4 clanrats but the second is for using Spiteclaw as a warlord! This makes the pack a worthwhile purchase for both Age of Sigmar AND Shadespire players.

Awesome expansion, stay tuned for more reviews over the coming weeks. If you have any comments of feedback please comment below - it really means a lot to us when we hear from you!

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