Friday, 27 March 2020

Seraphon Battletome Review

Hi all

Today we are going to be taking a look at the new Seraphon Battletome which has been out for a few weeks now. 

This is the second version of the Battletome for this popular army and brings them inline with the more recent standard of release including a lovely piece of terrain and the datacards. However, Seraphon fans will probably be a bit pieved at the lack of endless spells (more on this later) and, I may be wrong, but I can't see any dice! These seem like quite strange omissions as they are very popular areas of the collecting and gameplay of AoS...

With a lack of new or updated kits, I feel that this release further misses the mark. The Cold one, Saurus and some of the other kits are so old and no longer fit with the GW quality. In fact, other companies have created some lovely lizardmen models that are superior to the current Seraphon line. In my opinion, as the Seraphon are a completely unchanged-aesthetically faction between AoS and WHFB, we may only see an update for them when The Old World is revisited - which is pretty clever from GW as it creates multiple avenues of sale.

Anyway, enough rambling! On with the review.


This Battletome has undone/modified one of the worst pieces of lore in the mortal realms, since AoS began - Seraphon are actually lizards again...sort of...Many gamers were very put out when the first Seraphon Battletome came out and one of the Realmgate War books confirmed (I forget which one) that the Lizardmen were no longer beings of flesh and blood, but were now celestial bodies of light that could beam down onto the foe. A lot of players didn't like this. I didn't like this and I wasn't even a player. However, you now have the option of your army being from Azyr (or the starships which float far above Azyr) or having settled in one of the realms as flesh and blood beings called the coelesced. These are more tribal warbands and no longer dwell in the temple ships, instead settling in jungles much more akin to their fluff from the Old World. For me, it is great that the option is now there for either lore follower.


So as discussed above, we now have 2 types of Seraphon - the Celestial and the Coalesced kinds. When creating your army you can choose which type your army is. The Celestial Seraphon play a bit like they used to, with teleporting and summoning, whereas the Coalesced play a bit more aggressively. The Coalesced enjoy an extra attack with their jaw weapons as well as reducing damage of incoming attacks. This is quite a nice buff for the army and can be further enhanced by choosing one of the various sub-faction rules to really let your Seraphon play to the style you like. For me, this is a really neat way to differentiate the between the two forms they can take and it looks like they will both play well, but also very differently. As always, I can't tell you how competitive either of these armies will be as that isn't my style of play. From a narrative approach however, I think that both forms are really cool.

Endless spells:

Instead of gaining their own endless spells (which I find very strange for an army which is known for how magic they are) the Seraphon can use some of the ones that are available already, but can modify their behaviour. While this is quite cool, I still think that they deserved their own spells.


In the conclusion I want to take a look at the release as a whole and not just at the book (which on its own is very cool). For me, it feels like GW doesn't know what to do with the faction and the announcement of WHFB being remade has potentially hamstrung the Seraphon from getting any love. I can understand this to a degree - as a company they probably didn't forecast the popularity of WHFB and the interest that would be generated from the Total War games. Seraphon were also a tough army to incorporate in the transition from the Old World to Age of Sigmar. Seraphon players would, in my opinion, be justified in feeling a bit disappointed in the release although it is a step in the right direction. For now, I feel the faction is in limbo until the Old World is revisited.

Let me know your own thoughts and feelings on the Seraphon below. Please ask any questions, I get a lot of emails from readers and comments here are more likely to be responded to than via email - although I will always respond when I can.

Thanks for reading.


Monday, 9 March 2020

Hi all

Today we are having a look at the Wrath of the Everchosen expansion for Age of Sigmar.


The narrative in WotE centres around the 5th Mortarch of Nagash's Undead empire - Katakros of the Ossiarch Bonereapers - and particularly the assault on Archaon. This all takes place in the Eightpoints, Archaon's stronghold and location of the skirmish game Warcry, formerly known as the Allpoints. The Eightpoints is completely corrupted by chaos and as such it almost feels like its own character in this narrative, effectively being as responsible for the outcome as any general. I shant go into any spoilers, however if you are a fan of the Soul Wars narrative that started with Malign Portents, then this is probably a good purchase for you.


There are 3 gameplay additions that the expansion explores. Siege is probably my favourite of these as who doesn't want to fight over a massive castle or fortress? I think the rules are almost identical to those in a previous publication (I don't play enough to remember which from the top of my head lol). In short, one player is the attacker and the other defends. The coming game can be affected by decisions made before the battle commences such as gathering supplies or attacking the walls. A really cool addition that feels simple but also quite fun.

There are 8 battle plans. Don't really need to explain much about these as we all know what they are.

Thirdly, you can now have wandering monsters or endless spells. Quite a cool but random addition to the game, which fits perfectly with the lore for the Eightpoints.


Allegiance Abilities:

Wrath of the Everchosen is made up of a tonne of Allegiance abilities giving players loads of options on how they field various Chaos forces – including the ability to field a daemon army comprising models from all 4 gods.

Each of the four gods get their own subfactions which centre around the ability to create thematic armies for mortal and daemon followers. These all give various gameplay buffs and really help you to create and adapt your own style to the force you play. None of it is particularly game-breaking so I don't think you will really see these explored outside of narrative play - which in its own way is pretty cool.


There are some really nice paint guides in the book too:


I think this is a really cool book from a narrative point of view, giving players a lot of flavour to their armies and options to build from scratch. It focuses primarily around Chaos and Undead (mostly Chaos) but there are rules in that anyone can use. It isn’t necessary, it isn’t even important, but if you want to ride the crest of the wave and have all the most up to date rules then it is a good purchase (if a little pricey).

Thanks for reading my review, drop any questions or comments below.


Saturday, 7 March 2020

Community Question - Warhammer New Years Open Day

Hi all

Quick question:

Can anyone who went to the Open Day this year, where Shadowsun was revealed, exain these 3 torsos to me? The one on the left looks male and isn't in the kit (even the abs area is different to the kit). 

Did anyone speak to the design team about it?

Cheers in advance


Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Kill Team and Warcry Tournaments

Hi everybody!

The authors here at Age of Warhammer are interested in starting to run some regular events. We are based around Milton Keynes and Northampton and we have access to quite a few venues. 

Before we go ahead and book anything we wanted to establish how much interest there would be? We would provide nice boards and terrain and we would do awards for various achievements such as best painted and star player. 

We would like to do Kill Team and Warcry events which would last a weekend, 4 or so games a day for about 16 players (more if the interest is there). 

If you would be interested drop me an email at and let me know:
- Which system would you be interested in?
- Would you prefer narrative or competitive?
- For Warcry, would you like to achieve a campaign path?
- Would you rather do a single day or weekend event?
- What sort of price point do you see as reasonable?
- Let me know any other thoughts you have!

I look forward to reading your responses!


Sunday, 26 January 2020

Kaelo Rylanus Hobby Update - Warcry Terrain 1

Hi all

And a happy new year! The holidays are always a busy time and as such I haven't done as much posting as I would have liked. Tonight I wanted to show a quick update on what I am working on - Warcry terrain!

This is the head statue from the Warcry Starter set (this is the first of 2. I wanted to go for an aged and weathered bronze feel for this piece and I am pretty happy with the result. For the second one I will probably try stone, or maybe if I am feeling brave, marble. Anyway, for now here are some work in progress pics. I should have more to show later this week.

Let me know what you think in the comments :)


As always - check out Battleground Gaming for all your hobby needs and use the code AOWSAVE for an extra 2% on orders over £65. 

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Slaves to Darkness Review: Part 2

Hello again everyone, 

Again apologies for the lateness of this review, moving house and starting a new job at the same time is quite stressful! 

But it’s part two of the delayed Slaves to Darkness review, so let’s have a quick look at another faction in the Cabalists! 

So at the start of your hero phase you can select one Cabalist Wizard to attempt a ritual

Like the herd stone for the Beastmen you get to pick an unfortunate group of cultists and sacrifice them to the dark gods for an improved casting roll! 

So potentially a +3 to cast is excellent and with some of the spells we looked at in part 1 available it’s a pretty great way to consistently get spells off. 

It is at a cost though but for 70pt cultist unit I’d say it’s worth it. 

With the alternate Ritual of Corruption you get to again murder up to three cultists in exhange for a 3, 6 or 9 inch move on an endless spell. 

I’m sure there’s a tonne of use for this, possibly being able to move an endless spell twice in a turn and doing double its damage. 

It also means you could move the endless spell even further into your opponents army making them have to dispel it or move it into their own units. 

Another movement shenanigans spell. Getting this off could significantly hamper a unit with a low movement and in conjunction with Whispers of Chaos you can be stopping two enemy units from moving at all in their turn! 

Command Traits 

Not incredible command traits again but I’d be taking Mighty Ritualist so those rituals definitely go off when you need them too. 


The artefacts are a little better.

Having a dispell scroll is an excellent tool to have in your armoury, however having a Spell Familiar could really help you with having an extra spell to cast if needed. Just being able to know Mask of Darkness in case you need to grab an objective late game could be very tactically handy, even if it’s just used once a game. 

Overall I think there are some great options in the Cabalist faction, using the increased casting potential and some great spells at your disposal you’ve got a great looking list on your hands. Adding onto that some punchy and fast units and I think there’s a list that reduces an opponents movement whilst using your speed and offensive power to destroy the rest of their army. 


Onto some of my favourite warscrolls then! 

Chaos Sorceror Lord

For 110 points this hero is an incredible prospect. Only a one cast wizard but they’re relatively survivable for a wizard and have some excellent abilities. 

Oracular Visions is a brilliant ability, this isn’t a command ability or a spell this just happens in the hero phase! Rerolling saves is just immense, particularly on an important hero or a block of chaos warriors. 

Daemonic Power is also an incredible spell, rerolling hit and wound rolls for attacks on a unit is very powerful. Again using it on warriors or Archaon if he’s in your list just going to make units very reliable.

Chaos Lord on Foot

The Chaos Lord on foot is another stand out scroll, at just 110 points again! 

Having him rocking around the board with some chaos warriors, again makes him very powerful. He’s survivable enough and his command ability Spurred by the Gods is terrific. Allowing a unit to fight twice is rare in the game and is so adaptable. If you’re needing to clear an objective or push on a particular flank, this is amazing. 

With Archaon again this makes him a terrifying prospect to fight against!

Chaos Chariots

Cheap, fast and complete with mortal wounds on the charge. I really like the chariot, particularly for my slaaneshi themed list. 

Taking them in individual units too, means each chariot can have the exalted charioteer. Which gives you the plus one to hit. I think I’ll always be taking the great blade on them too for the 2 damage. 

What is most interesting to me is the Swift Death rule this should hopefully get you 2-4 mortal wounds on the charge and then there is a battalion later to increase this potential! 

Chaos Lord on Karakadrak 

This sounds a bit too much like Karak for a duardin players liking! 

However, he’s actually a very good hero choice. At 9 wounds with a 3+ save and a 5+ mortal wound save he’s pretty tanky and again he does D3 mortal wounds on the charge!

The Hex blade does mortal wounds on 6’s to wound and with the runeblade from Malign Sorcery, you can get it up -3 rend at two damage a piece! 

Well worth taking in my book. He can also grant reroll charges on a unit with his command ability which is great for the chariots. 


I’m going to talk about one battalion in particular that I really like, which is the Ruinbringer Warband it’s a solid choice at 140 pts, for a command point and lower drops I think it’s great. 

The ability to take all of your chariots and knights in one battalion really gives you some more control over going first or not. What really stands out is it’s mortal wound potential at giving units the chance to do D3 mortal wounds on the charge! 

We’ll talk about why I like it so much in the conclusion!


It is a very elite army so don’t be expecting too many units on the field. With Archaon at whopping 800 points it’s hard to fit him in a list with everything else I want and Varanguard being 300 also makes them a hard sell. 

But I do think the knights are over coated at 180 so hopefully they’ll come down as well as the warriors. 

The Chaos Sorceror Lord on Manticore is also at 260 so it makes him and Belakor at 240 very good picks for Wizards. Especially with Belakor being a two caster. 


So, the list I would like to create would revolve around the Karakadrak Lord, chariots, knights and the battalion. 

Mortal wounds wise this would mean you could be doing two D3 mortal wounds on the charge with the Karakadrak Lord and D3 + the MWs from the Spare the Lash ability each time you charge. 

Pretty great and fits the theme of a hard hitting Slaanesh list. It would be light on bodies for objectives but I’m just not a fan of the marauder models so I think I would go for a unit of chaos warriors to push forwards onto objectives and some cultists to hold mine. 

The Untamed beasts are also pretty much an auto include in any chaos lists as chaff screens and their ability to scout forwards at the start of the game. 

I’ll hopefully be able to post more now that I’ve started my new job and I have a few 40k Ork units and Cities of Sigmar units to show off on the blog. 

Thanks for reading,

Aveinus Kaane 

Monday, 20 January 2020

Slaves to Darkness Battletome Review: Part 1

Hello everyone,

It’s a really late review i’m afraid as I’ve been changing jobs and preparing to move house too!

I have however, really enjoyed looking at this book as they’re one of favourite factions, the new high elves look pretty great but not enough to tempt me from the dark gods. I’ll take Archaon over the weird teclis model any day of the week! 

Although a head swap on the creature he has to a griffons head would improve it a lot for me. Here’s to hoping for new sword masters though! More dynamic poses would be an excellent edition though, Very much like the amazing chaos warrior and knight models we’ve already received! 

So let’s get into it, as usual this will just be my thoughts on the book and and my favourite parts as there’s too much to cover in a blog review. 

Standard shot of what you can expect inside the book. As usual lots of background, including a piece by Aaron Demski-Bowden which is great as you’d expect from him. 

For me this book is about Slaanesh and what I can do to make my Slaves to Darkness more slaaneshi focused. Although I’ve yet to test any paints schemes as I am looking to finish my Cities of Sigmar army first! 

Both of these superb models will be a mainstay in what I am planning for my pleasure seeking warband. Fast and brutal on the charge is the aim of the game. 


So, let’s get the disappointing parts of the release/models out of the way first before all good bits. 

To me it’s a shame so many of the oldest and ugliest models have great rules whilst the new models are somewhere in the middle. In particular the marauders and daemon princes really stand out to me. 

Very old kits that are probably auto includes in a lot of lists. Its just a huge shame the models are so poor or dated. 

So enough of the moaning...

Allegiance Abilities  

So a Slaves to Darkness army must have one of the faction key words and if a unit already has one you can’t give it two. We’ll move onto these factions a bit further down though. 

Aura of Chaos 

Now this is a cool ability to get the different themes of the dark gods into your lists. 

Excellent abilities on the Khorne aura, those rerolling 1’s are usually a command point for most armies and adding one to wound rolls is something else! 

I think this is probably the best mark with Nurgles, exploding six’s adding +1 damage and -1 one to hit with missile weapons if you’re within 12 inches of your general coming in a close second. 

It’s a little disappointing Slaanesh’s abilities aren’t as good as the others but they’re not bad. It would be nice for the reroll charge aura to have been a bit bigger, especially for the list I’m planning. That could be possible though depending on the faction you take.

Eye of the Gods 

For the Dark Gods! 

I love this mechanic, I know it’s nothing totally new but it’s great to see it back in the game. 

So if one of your heroes kills another enemy hero or monster, it gets to roll 2D6 on the table. 

If you roll a 2 or get the same number twice you are turned into a spawn! Pretty risky stuff! 

Now I’m assuming there isn’t anyway to pick abilities either so in a matched play game it could be a burden rather than a boon. I can’t see any wording to say you can pick but I may be wrong. 

Being able to summon on a unit is quite nice along with the 5+ mortal wound save. 

Dark apotheosis is on a roll of 11-12 and it allows you to set up a Daemon Prince in your hero’s place. It would be pretty awesome if there was a good slaanesh daemon prince available or any other mark for that matter! 

Spell Lore - Lord of the Damned 

What’s great about this book (the cities book too) is there are plenty of spells that are really useful and you’re almost spoilt for choice. 

The army lacks a lot of double casters but they are available. 

With the activation wars in full swing, Binding Damnation has a place in any list. Making a unit strike last is excellent. Casting on a 7 is a little unpredictable but there are ways to get pluses to your casting roles.

Mask of Darkness is another very good spell. Adding movement to an army is great. Tactically a unit that can be teleported onto an important objective or to go after heroes in your opponents backfield is an auto include for me! 

Finally Whispers of Chaos is probably the best spell of the lot, pick a unit within 12 inches and for each model in the unit every six rolled causes a mortal wound. So not only is it fairly offensive, that unit can then not move until your next hero phase! Stick that on a 300+ point unit and you’re winning. 

Allegiance Abilities  

Now onto the factions of the Slaves to Darkness. I’d have personally preferred them to be more god specific, with one or two for the undivided as well. 

But what we have are four factions focusing on different on a more undivided theme where the marks add some flavour too. 


More of a focus on the mortal elements of a chaos army for this one.

Having a choice of six command traits depending on how many heroes you have is pretty cool. They’re not amazing but that choice gives you some tactical flexibility. 

My favourite part of this faction is the Rally the Tribes command ability. 

For this once per game and only once in turn one of the heroes can bring onto the board a unit of ten marauders, cultists or 5 marauder horsemen. Within 6 inches of any board edge.

I doubt I’d be using any of the rubbish looking marauder models but the new cultists would be great for this. 

Can’t complain at a potential 70-90 point unit for free each turn! Provided you have five heroes and they survive long enough that is!

Command Traits

Unquestioned Resolve is pretty great for those cultist units that might need inspiring presence throughout the    game particularly if they’re screens that are there to hold an offensive unit up.

Untamed beasts are great for this with their pregame scouting move that gives them an extra six inch move. Plus run and charge! So they are excellent chaff screens. 


So I don’t think there are a huge amount of great command abilities or artefacts in this faction but with the chance to use so many throughout the game it balances out. The artefacts are slightly better however.

As mentioned earlier the Mark of the High Favoured
Allows your chaos aura to be 18 inches. So with this on your slaanesh general you’re looking at rerolling charge rolls for units within 18 inches of him so in a predominantly chariot and knights based army this is a great artefact. 

I’ll come on to why I like it so much later in the review. 

Overall I think Ravagers probably don’t have the most competitive builds, however, the Rally the Tribes ability really adds a lot to the army in terms of extra units for free and using these to threaten your opponents objectives and characters. 

You will still probably need some chaff units in your army initially though to prevent yourself from any kind of alpha strike so it doesn’t help your army build in that sense but It’s still very good. 

So I think that’s enough for part 1, I’ll look at Cabalists and a few warscrolls and battalions in part 2. 

Thanks for reading, 

Aveinus Kaane