Monday, 19 August 2019

Aveinus Kaane Painting Competition Update 1

Hello everyone, 

I’m here to show you a quick update on what I’ve been working on for the start of our painting competition! 

I’ve got plenty of completed units and progress I have made prior to the competition start date to show you too but they won’t be labelled as updates. 

So I started the competition off with building and painting some Tankbustas for my Bad Moon Ork army! 

The orks do take me quite a while to paint but they are still a lot faster than my Duardin. 

I’m currently on a bit of a drive with orks at the moment so expect more completed models for them. 

I’ll also post up my existing units for this army as they aren’t on this blog yet. 

Basing will be done when the units complete. But I’m really happy with the finish on them especially as I’ve tried to be faster than usual. 

I can’t claim the points for these two because they were done just before the start date. 

Group shot! I do need to improve my photo taking set up, so hopefully I can make some progress on that too!

So with those three done, I’ve also been painting up ten ork boyz so I’ll put an update up for them at some point this week! 

I think this puts me on 90 points plus 20 for this post but I’ll verify this in my next post! 

The painting continues! 

Thanks for reading,

Aveinus Kaane 

Sunday, 18 August 2019

Kaelo Rylanus Sylvaneth Test Model

Hi all

Tonight I wanted to show a test model I have done for my Sylvaneth. I completed it using only contrast paints followed by a light drybrush. I am fairly happy with the result. I was going for an autumnal style.

I blended the orange and red using contrast medium.

So with this model complete to a battle ready standard that is 20cppts (it's a simple scheme and a simple miniature so I am happy with 20cppts) taking me to 60cppts for the competition so far! 

Stay tuned and I hope to have more to show you more this week. 

Stay fluffy!


Friday, 9 August 2019

Kaelo Rylanus Painting Competition Update

Hey everybody!

So we are 12 days into our competition and it has started slow. I have compiled a list of what I hope to achieve over the course of the contest - hopefully working my way through a backlog of miniatures in the process! So here is my list including competition painting points (cppts):

20 Tree Revenants - 600cppts
6 Kurnoth Hunters - 234cppts
10 Dryads - 300cppts
Branchwych - 60cppts
Treelord - 103cppts

Astra Militarum:
10 Scions - 240cppts

Iron Golem Gang - 249cppts

6 Knights - 234cppts
60 Warriors - 1440cppts

Sector Mechanicum - 500cppts

I have started assembling most of this and started painting the Sector Mechanicum terrain!

This competition would be nothing without the support from Battleground Gaming! Get you collection of plastic crack from here:

Really looking forward to this!! Please feel free to put your own points in the comments section to help spur us on :)

Stay fluffy 


Thursday, 1 August 2019

Age of Warhammer Painting Competition!

Hi all

Here at Age of Warhammer blog, we have been incredibly busy over the last 6 months and as such the blog has taken a hit with productivity. Things are starting to settle now and we have decided it is time to get through some of the backlog of miniatures that we have all accrued.

To get us motivated we decided to run a points-based competition for our authors that will last for 3 months - starting today!

The rules are fairly simple - when a model is completed, the painter gets points. The points for each model is determined by the base size and to what standard of completion the model is taken to.

- 1/3 of the points (rounding down) are awarded for assembling and undercoating the model!

- 1/3 of the points (rounding down) are awarded for completing a model using basic techniques or contrast paints only!

- 1/3 of the points (rounding down) are awarded for completing a model using more advanced techniques like blending, fading and edge highlights!

For example, a model on a 32mm base is assembled and painted to a tabletop standard so the painter is awarded 20pts! (32 divided by 3 and rounded down).

The winner of the competition - most points before 1st November 2019 - wins a £100 voucher provided by our good friends over at Battleground Gaming - who are celebrating their grand opening this weekend so why not pop down and check them out!

We will be sharing our progress and weekly points updates with you all and we can't wait to get started! 

So, until next time - stay fluffy!


Friday, 19 July 2019

Community Support - Taurox Prime

Hi all

Looking for a wee bit of community support today! I found an awesome conversion of a Taurox Prime. I have established that the wheels are from Zinge Industries but I can't find how the body was elongated! 

This is the kit available from Zinge Industries:

As you can see the chassis is longer at the back of the top image.

Does anyone know if this is an existing conversion kit or where the top pic is from so I can see if there is a guide lol

Stay fluffy!


Monday, 15 July 2019

Sylvaneth Battletome

Hi all!

Today we are having a look at the new Sylvaneth Battletome. It doesn’t feel that long since the last one but it’s great to see continued support for the faction with some endless spells and a new set of trees.

If you have got any of the newer battletomes then you won’t be surprised to find that this follows the same format. There are the usual new faction specific spells, command abilities, relics, allegiance abilities etc etc. Some of the warscrolls have been updated too. To be honest, it is a really great looking book and since receiving it I have ordered a tonne of Sylvaneth models. I had been waiting for an army that tickled my fancy and this is it. I am really looking forward to getting my hands on them. I think I will give the contrast paints a bash and see about making them autumnal with browns, reds and orange. 

Once I have more time with the book and hopefully played a few games then I will do another post looking at my findings - as a relatively inexperienced player I think this is the best option. For now though, I will share the text from Warhammer Community:

From Warhammer Community:

It’s preview time! Ahead of the release of Battletome: Sylvaneth, we’re leafing through the pages of your new army book to round up all the new goodness – from allegiance abilities to new magical spells and key warscroll changes. Let’s get stuck in…

Navigate Realmroots

Sylvaneth are known for their ability to navigate the arcane realmroots that lace the Mortal Realms. In the game, this gives your army fantastic flexibility in the movement phase, allowing them to teleport across the board and ambush weaker foes or grab objectives at the last minute.

Navigate Realmroots has been simplified and is now more reliable than before – you won’t have to roll to see if you succeed, meaning it’s much easier to plan around, letting you surround your foes with ease, or make daring last-minute objective grabs. With clever use of your Awakened Wyldwoods, you’ll have a level of board control few armies can match.

The Lore of the Deepwood

It’s rare for a Sylvaneth army to go without a Wizard, whether that’s a Branchwych or Alarielle herself, and with the Lore of the Deepwood, you’ll have a powerful new range of options for them to unleash in battle. Verdurous Harmony, for instance, lets you restore lost models to nearby units.

Similarly, Regrowth is great for keeping your Treelords kicking, allowing you to restore an impressive D6 wounds to them.

Throne of Vines, meanwhile, is a cracking option early in the game, making it much easier to cast particularly tricky spells and much harder for your foe to unbind them.

The Lore of the Deepwood also allows you to summon new Wyldwoods mid-battle, letting you quickly establish some cover, obstruct your enemies or to give you more opportunities to use Navigate Realmroots.


The Sylvaneth are as varied as the Mortal Realms themselves, and the new battletome allows you to express their dizzying diversity with no fewer than 7 sub-factions you can dedicate your army to! Called Glades, each has an ability, command trait, artefact and command ability to master, offering new twists on the army and rewarding you for using themed lists and favourite units. The terrifying forces of Dreadwood, for example, are perfect for fans of Spite-Revenants.

Dedicate your army to the noble warriors of the Heartwood, meanwhile, and you’ll gain access to an Artefact that makes your Kurnoth Hunters exceptionally deadly.

Alternatively, if you’re looking to make the most of Treelords, Spirits of Durthu and Treelord Ancients, Oakenbrow lets you keep fighting at peak efficiency for longer, representing the storied resilience of this grove.

Command Traits and Artefacts

Not counting those found in groves, the Sylvaneth Battletome contains 12 command traits and 24 artefacts with which to customise your Heroes, with some superb potential combos. A Branchwych with the Glade Lore command trait and Luneth’s Lamp, for instance, is a fantastic magical lynchpin capable of shutting down enemy magic with ease…

…while a Spirit of Durthu with Dread Harvester and the Greenwood Gladius will utterly obliterate foes on the charge!

Warscroll Updates

Alongside the Sylvaneth battletome, we’re updating a number of Sylvaneth warscrolls, offering new niches for units, welcome increases in the power of certain units and small tweaks to make certain rules simpler or faster to play with. Take Tree-Revenants– these can now ambush foes pretty much anywhere on the board, without even having to use realmroots. Our recommendation would be to grab a unit of 5 Tree-Revenants for any army and to hold them back for last-turn objective grabs.

Drycha Hamadreth has been hugely improved in the new battletome. Rather than having to choose between giving her a colony of Squirmlings or a colony of Flitterfluries, you get both, with each offering her a blizzard of attacks. You’ll be able to switch Drycha’s focus between melee and ranged attacks, making her a dangerous combatant in both the shooting and combat phases.

Treelords of all types will be a core unit in any Sylvaneth army thanks to their changed Groundshaking Stomp, which now forces enemies to fight last in the combat phase, potentially giving you a devastating advantage.

Kurnoth Hunters with Greatswords now have a key edge on their scythe and bow-wielding kin, dealing mortal wounds in addition to their normal damage on a wound roll of a 6, making them particularly excellent against well-armoured foes.

You’ll have to wait until the weekend to see all the new warscroll changes for yourself, but rest assured there’s more still to be uncovered

Greetings, follower of Alarielle! In our latest preview of the Sylvaneth battletome, we’re checking out the new endless spells, complete with some top tips on using them. We’re also taking a closer look at how you can use the all-new Awakened Wyldwood in your army – and just what the book means for your older woods! First up, the endless spells…


What’re better – endless spells that heal, or endless spells that do harm? With the Gladewyrm, you don’t have to choose! This crushing magical creature will destroy your foes and restore friendly units – like Treelords and Kurnoth Hunters – to health. Having one of these on your front lines will pay dividends over longer battles.

Spiteswarm Hive

Another incredibly flexible endless spell, the Spiteswarm Hive is a static node that provides your choice of nifty buffs to your army. If you’re on the offensive and want to unleash devastating charges with units like Spite-Revenants and Tree-Revenants, the Vital Venoms effect is excellent. Meanwhile, Shielding Swarm is great when you’re looking to weather an enemy assault, working superbly with models with a reliable Save characteristic, like Treelords or Alarielle. 

Vengeful Skullroot

Categorically Warhammer Age of Sigmar’s scariest tree (well, perhaps barring the Feculent Gnarlmaw), the Vengeful Skullroot is a simple and brutally effective endless spell that deals mortal wounds to enemies while making failed battleshock tests even worse for them. Dealing a hefty D6 mortal wounds near an Awakened Wyldwood, it’s perfect for thinning out even the most heavily armoured of foes.

Awakened Wyldwoods

Awakened Wyldwoods are a core part of the Sylvaneth army – as well as starting the game with one, you’ll be able to summon more with a variety of spells and abilities. Wyldwoods block line of sight to non-flying units, allowing you to save your units from spells and shooting, while the Navigate Realmroots rule turns each into a potential site to ambush your enemies from. What’s more, casting spells near Wyldwoods can potentially cause devastating damage to your enemies. 

The new Wyldwood model was designed with ease of play in mind, and you’ll find them much, much easier to use than their counterparts. Cunning construction means that you’ll easily be able to move units through them, while a modular design means that you can combine kits to create larger Wyldwoods – perfect for concealing bigger units! 

Check back soon after I have had a few games and we can look into it more thoroughly!


Sunday, 14 July 2019

The Genesys Project

Hi all

Today I wanted to share a Kickstarter project with you, from Gary (of Natfka fame). This looks like a tremendous project and they are already doing incredibly well! Let's take a look at the Genesys Project:

The Genesys Project Kickstarter
The Genesys Project is a customizable tabletop miniature game where you create and customize your faction to fit and match your playstyle, miniatures you already own, or want to get and customize. Creating your narrative extends further than just creating your faction and background, but continues through gameplay earning mission awards and progression that takes you through the Ages of the Genesys Project. Heroes are born through game play, and in the same manner as your faction, gain new skills and technology allowing them to adapt and expand both your narrative and army. Weapons, armor, and even spell-like Powers are all customizable within the game.

The game has been in development now for the past 6 years, with over 900 gamers world wide like you registering to take part a 14 month Open Beta during that time. 

We are launching the Birth of Genesys through kickstarter starting July 12th at 12pm EST/ 5pm BST. We appreciate you swinging through our Kickstarter to check us out and explore the unique opportunity that is The Genesys Project. 

The Genesys Project – CORE RULES
Overview of the Genesys Words
Gaming Rules
Preparing your Forces
10 Missions
Post-game Results for Campaign Play 
And eight, pre-made 1st AGE factions, ready for you to start playing
As the name of this book suggests, these are the core rules for playing games of The Genesys Project. This is a unit-based skirmish game, so the rules are swift, and still contain a level of granularity to provide deeply satisfying games. The inclusion of the ready-made 1st AGE factions gives you a taste of what is possible when you move into the 1st AGE book. 

The Core Rules are one set of rules that all the Ages of The Genesys Project will use. 
Three Ages - One Core Set of Rules.

The Birth of Genesys- 1st Age
Lore of the Genesys Worlds- An interwoven Creation Myth for each of the Domains
How To Build a Faction including all the traits and abilities for each of the 5 Domains of Life.
The Humanoid Domain
The Biest Domain
The Fey Domain
The Reptilia Domain
The Insekt Domain
5- Pre-made 1st AGE factions, 1 for each Domain
The Birth of Genesys (1st AGE) book is where The Genesys Project really sets itself apart. Most wargames provide players with a pre-determined army list of units to choose from, with little or no opportunity to adjust them to better fit a playstyle or miniatures collection. Here you get to choose from five different Domains, then work through and actually create each of your unit types (including their stats and traits) to create a faction that is unique to you.

Dave Taylor Miniatures is working behind the scenes on this Kickstarter to make certain that things are done right. Dave has been in this industry for a long time and many of you know him or of him. He recently ran his own Kickstarter and ran the Terrain Essentials Kickstarter as well. Both were enormously successful due to his knowledge within the industry. He is working hard on final editing, Kickstarter management, layout, printing, and will be organizing our distribution on fulfillment of the Kickstarter. 

We thank you for your support, and please share with your friends. 
-Genesys Games