Friday, 27 January 2017

New Stormcast Cavalry Incoming

Hey everyone!

A new line of Stormcast are coming, based more around established and societal models. 

We saw some the other day but here is one of the new cavalry!

'Enter the Gryph-charger – a noble beast of the Celestial Realm and trusty mount to Sigmar’s Vanguard.

The Gryph-charger is clearly of the same origin as Gryph-hounds, whether magical or biological, but of an order of magnitude larger. It stands taller than a Demigryph, though is less stockily built – looking sleeker and faster than the noble mounts of the Freeguild Knights

The Stormcast himself is wearing armour in keeping with the lighter sigmarite plate of the new Stormcast Eternals Rangers we saw on Monday, but more ornate. This hero is in fact a Lord-Aquilor, who are the leaders of this new breed of Stormcast Eternals.

He is just one of the new kits that will be accompanying the new Stormcast Eternals Battletome in February.'

What do you all think?

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Danariel Caythea: Shadow Warriors Update

Hi all,

This is a work in progress post to show what I have worked on over the last week. I've chosen a colour scheme, and started to assemble my Shadow Warrior unit. Massive thanks to Kaelo, who has been amazing with helping me convert the models. Here are some pictures of my currently headless female Shadow Warriors! 


I have spent a lot of time thinking about my colour scheme; I already knew that I wanted to use darker colours, but I was struggling with making sure that the unit still looked feminine. I settled on a dark purple and blue as my main colours and there'll be more to come on that in the near future.

I would be really interested to see what our readers have been working on this week, so please comment or post below any progress you'd like to share!

Stay tuned for more progress. 

Danariel x

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Disciples of Tzeentch Preview

Good evening everybody

Today I'm lucky enough to be showing you a review of the new Battletome - Disciples of Tzeentch. Games Workshop has supported the blog with a copy of the book and I would like to take this opportunity to thank them. 

This new book is an evolution from the old Battletome and it's very exciting to see the new direction. There are many options inside and plenty of new ways to play Tzeentch armies. I will be discussing a few of these new sections to give you an overview of the book. So let's jump straight in!

The artwork in the book is really high quality with tons of new pieces that I have never seen before. There are some great pictures of the Archanites  and Tzaangors and a really cool, basic couple of pages that show off cult colour schemes and ideas for your own forces. To some these may be less than alluring but I find them functional and give enough examples and ideas to have helped me choose my own without having to bog down the 'eavy metal team for hours and hours. I am a big fan of the artwork in this book.

So let's look at some of the fluff and how it can guide and support army selection:

You won't be surprised by any of the fluff around The Daemon side of the army, it mainly suggests that Demons are spawned through either warp rifts or are summoned by mortal Cults. It does state that Tzeentch is partly responsible for Slaanesh's disappearance but doesn't explain any further than that. There is no real revolution to Daemon fluff here, but there are different ways to field your Daemons if you look through the Battalions. There are so many Battalions in the book that I am not going to delve too deeply into them in this review. Just know that there are some really huge Battalion options in here and some of the rewards are super cool. 

Kairos Fateweaver:


The Archanite Cult fluff in the Battletome is the more interesting part and appears to take place after the Realm Gate Wars, discussing how the Disciples of Tzeentch either strike from the wilderness or from inside the rising civilisations of the free people's. For me, it is by far the best part of the book and there is a real wealth of detail to inspire would-be collectors. There is even variations in the structure of each Cult allowing for even more customisation and uniqueness. 

Each Cult is lead by a Cabal which controlled by a Magister, Tzaangor Shaman or a Fatemaster. It can be lead by one, two or even all three and makes up the beating heart of the Cult as each hero buffs units or hinders enemies in a different way. The Cabal can be joined by an honoured guest in the form of a Gaunt Summoner or with henchmen, which is Changelings or Ogroids. Under the Cabal is different sects which are made up for different variations of units, each of which get a Battalion which further rewards fluffy and thought-out play. I really like that the fluff in the book is more around the actual faction than how they fit in to the overall storyline. It allows for people to create their own stories with a huge degree of freedom, something that the Old World seemed to lack.

Here is a look at the new Shaman model:

The Tzaangor Enlightened:

And finally the Skyfires


There are 6 command traits for each of the Tzeentch factions, Daemon, Archanite and Mortals. The mortal Tzeentch army isn't really fleshed out at all in the book but there are enough bits from the command traits and access to their own artefacts to create a unique feeling army. The Archanites also have access to an artefact table whereas the Daemons have 2 tables of gifts - one for weapons and one for Daemonic powers. Under all of these sections it suggests suitably modelling and creating fluff for any boons you take. Awesome.

There are 2 psychic power charts that you can generate from with your various heroes - The Lore of Fate (Mortals and Archanites) and The Lore of Change (Daemons). There are the usual buff/debuff and missile (mortal wound) attacks here which is really cool.

Tzeentch armies can also take a pool of Destiny dice to show the fickle nature of Tzeentch. Some of the artefacts and traits/powers above can help to replenish these throughout the game but here is an overview of how they work - At the start of the game you roll a pool of 9 dice and keep them to one side (great if you use the new Tzeentch dice that GW released today), then at any point in the game you can choose to use one of the destiny dice to replace the result of a dice you would roll. You have to do this before you roll any further associated dice but then it uses that destiny dice and you can't use it again later on. This is a really useful mechanic for Tzeentch players and I can imagine it being a lot of fun!

There is a full Path to Glory section in the book allowing you to expand on the one in the Generals Handbook! For me, this is a really nice touch as I am a massive fan of escalation style campaigns to build my force and motivate me to paint. It also helps create a sense of an evolving story and keeps the player engrossed, rewarding their hero with skills for playing well, with Champion and Follower rewards tables as well as 3 Patronage of Tzeentch tables. Super cool. 

In the back of the book is all you need to field the Disciples of Tzeentch in Pitched Battle play with full points listings and Battleline unit guidance. I am glad it has been included and I am even more glad that it only takes up one page. As a massive fan of the no points system, I feel that dedicating a single page means that Games Workshop still stand by the way they wanted the game to be played.

The Battleline units for Archanites are  the Acolytes or the Tzaangors, for Daemons it is Pink Horrors as standard but you can take Burning Chariots if you take Daemons of Tzeentch Allegiance and a Herald. 

Overall I have to say I am tremendously impressed with the book and it excites me for the future of the game. We could see a Free People's book with each of the different factions inside expanded or maybe it will be less than that. Maybe we will see a Duardin Battletome with each of their factions (maybe throw the Fyreslayers back in too with Warlord Traits and Artefacts. Who knows! It really could go anywhere! I will be doing an Archanite Cult as my next AoS project and will be creating some fluff for them inside our evolving campaign we hope to start later in the year. 

I hope that you have enjoyed my review. Please feel free to comment below or ask questions. I will endeavour to answer them all. If there is anything you would like me to do differently next time (if GW want us to lol) then please say below. It will really help us.

For now, stay fluffy!


Saturday, 7 January 2017

Danariel Caythea: A Beginner's Journey

Hi all, 

Whilst Kaelo and Aveinus were away at Warhammer World at the New Year’s open day, I found myself sat at home finalising my thoughts on starting an army.  If you read Kaelo’s post last week, you will know that I spent a part of this weekend assisting with painting some Citadel Mighty Empire tiles.  This really reminded me of how much I enjoyed painting, and it got me thinking about having an army of my own where I can have full artistic license!  I have never been one for half measures, so after some deliberation, I quickly decided that I wanted to start with a unit of Shadow Warriors.  This was an easy choice for me, as I’ve always loved the Elven look and fluff.  After reading the backstory on the Shadow Warriors, I was sold on them being the first part of my army.  I asked Kaelo to pick up a box, and I am soon to be on my way!


I’ve decided I would like these to form a part of an Aelf army.  There seems to be a lot more variety in choosing this unit to fall into the Aelf faction rather than the more specific Swifthawk Agents or another.  As this is my first army, I want to make it as flexible as possible.  I’m not entirely sure on which direction I am going to go with these, but I plan on documenting each step I take.  I know that I want to convert these to a female unit as although I am not a girly girl, I think we could inject a little more femininity into this world.  I know that my colour scheme will consist of dark tones to match the Shadow Warriors identity, and there will be absolutely no pink involved!

Although I still have a lot of decisions to make on the dynamics of my army, I am certain I would like to use the Mistweaver Siah as my hero.  I love that little is known about her except for how powerful she is, which leaves so much to the imagination.  I’m attracted to the idea of using an enchantress as I think that magic brings an element of mystery to a character.  There’s a certain look to her which I think matches the Shadow Warriors perfectly.  I will be looking to build my army around these characters, depending on how these go!


Stay tuned for more progress as I continue.


Monday, 2 January 2017

New Years Open Day - Follow up!

Hi all

Here is a little bit of extra information I found out over the rest of the day:

Not being worked on. Not even on schedule. Will be done one day though.

The unreleased models from inside the new book will hopefully be released over the next year. It has been insanely popular. Once that is compete they will start working on Lord of the Rings which will include consolidating and updating rules for characters (Elrond has 4 sets of rules). This may also include updating models. Nothing is decided past Hobbit. They want to do more more scenery kits like modular Hobbit holes and Bree houses etc. Eventually they would like to flesh out more of the background battles like 'Battle of Dale' and 'War of the Woodland Realm'. They cannot touch anything from Simarilion or the Unfinished Tales.

Release schedule looks like
End of January - Dwarfes and Roller
March - Skaven/Dwarfe board
April - Deathzone Season 2 and plastic Goblin team
Next team is the Elf alliance - will be resin, only just started work on them. Will be around £40 for 12 models.
The final team of 2017 will most likely be Nurgle.
The first team of 2018 looks like Dark Elves. Followed by Halflings!

I hope you have enjoyed the coverage today :)

Stay fluffy


New Years Open Day

Hi all!

Not a massive showing for AoS except for this display piece. Unfortunately the castle is not coming available again. Also, it appears to not actually be part of the AoS universe but an old display to fill a gap at the event. Still, it looks cool!

For Lord of the Rings however, there is a nice look at some models coming from Forge World.

First up is an awesome Gundabad troll

And some Iron Hill goat riders!! These look ace!

Also, a quick word about the game: It has been tremendously popular and almost all new kits and re-released have come close or sold out entirely. Very positive!

Finally let's look at Bloodbowl, again been very well received and sales figured appear to be showing it. Unfortunately the best we can hope for currently is 3-4 teams in 2017 including the Dwarves. Goblins will be next (in plastic) before they move to resin for an Elf team. They are currently hiring another sculptor! Here are some star players:

Will post up more info if I get any.

Stay fluffy


Sunday, 1 January 2017

New Year Preview

Good evening all and Happy New Year.

2016 was a good hobby year for me. Never before have I completed a single army, let alone two! I have always been more of a fantasy fan than sci-fi - which is saying a lot as I literally live and breathe Great Crusade and Horus Heresy - but last year was the first time I have ever really dipped into Warhammer Fantasy. I was never a fan of it on square bases as I felt I wouldn't be able to play the games and scenarios, or tell the stories that I would want to tell. Age of Sigmar has massively opened that up. 

In 2016 I completed a Stormcast army and I listened to the first five novels from the Realmgate series, Gates of Azyr and also the 8 audio dramas. I fought at the Age of Sigmar doubles tournament too (with Aveinus, where we made some fantastic new friends) and so I feel I know the game and the setting but also that I can safely decide the future of my fantasy hobby.

So, 2017 will see me moving away from the epic Realmgate Wars setting, and indeed further away from the main story in its entirety. I have been working on developing my own area of the realms which are untouched and untainted by the larger story. Where dragons and other monsters stalk the wilderness, mortal races have only the barest knowledge of the surroundings and gods have forgotten (or ignore) their subjects. Daemons are rare and lifetimes can pass with no sightings. Stormcast aren't even a rumour. In short, it will be a low to medium fantasy setting - think Lord of the Rings before the dark lord started stirring. 

I also want to restrict the way that I play to fix some of the 'problems' (my opinion) with the AoS ruleset. Where all you see is people using multi - wound base units that have loads of rules and rends and stuff. It turns the game into a real punchfest which revolves (usually) around one centrepiece model and some spamming sorcerer who benefits from the correctly chosen faction benefits and yawn. Not the way I want to play at all times (it has a time and a place in tournaments etc). 

Following the above mentality has made me over look so many models that I would love to do 😞

Looking to the future:

This year I would like to start work on an evolving campaign using the Citadel Mighty Empire tiles and a modified ruleset. This will allow for exploration and a small amount of resource management for players and factions involved. It will revolve around monthly updates instead of constant battle reports and will also mean that we can fit it in around our Heresy coverage. There is no start date for this but here is a WIP for the tiles done so far, completed by Kaelo and Danariel:

I am also working on a grass board and four sets of Citadel trees. I never really liked these in the past but saw these and really wanted to try it:

I have also spent £370 on Tabletop World buildings of various types!

I will also be working on a Wanderers army with some Sylvaneth back up in the coming months. Followed by some Disciples of Tzeench, mainly focussed around Archanites and Tzaangors. 

There will be a Flesh Eater Courts force controlled by my mate (not currently a blogger but that may change once we get going) and hopefully Aveinus and one or two of the other Bunnies will dip in from time to time. Who knows, Danariel may join in too if the release a girly army lol.

I hope to finalise the campaign rules and guidelines in January as well as the background fluff which will hopefully be done by end of February. Then we will probably kick of with a campaign and get the ball rolling. 

Enough from me though let me hand over to Aveinus:

2017 for Aveinus has been relatively disorganised year and he is hoping to bring some more structure to his hobby, so he can finish efficiently for both the age of sigmar and 30K over on the battle bunnies. 

2016 did see a lot of AoS activity has he spent the last quarter working on 1000pts of Ironjawz. He was however so busy trying to finish painting them for the doubles event with Kaelo that he didn't have enough time to post on here. He has however almost finished most of the units with just a few highlights and bits of battle damage to complete. He will then begin to post these units when completed on here.

These units consist of:

- Megaboss Gorzod or Great Zod to the boyz

- Warchanta

- x 5 Brutes 

- x 5 Brutes 

- x 10 Ardboyz

- x 3 Goregruntas

The first units of brutes should be completed first, then the Ardboyz and warchanta. Here's a look at what the brutes currently look like!

My goals for 2017 depend on when the new dwarves are released! I do have a wip dwarf army from warhammer fantasy but I am going to sell this army and just start again with the new releases. Even if it is just the battletome, although I don't think it will be after the teaser picture we've seen of something dwarvey. They have always been my favourite fantasy army so I will be trying to make them my best army yet in terms of painting standard, so hopefully I'll be able to push myself to complete a really nice looking army. So here's my 12 month plan:

January: Ironjawz finishing a unit of brutes
February: Ironjawz finishing the Ardboyz and warchanta
March: Ironjawz (although this could be where we see some dwarves)
April: Hopefully Dwarves (I am hoping to have the 1000pts of Ironjawz completed at this point.
June: Again hopefully Dwarves but I could still be completing the Gore Gruntas at this point. Lovely models but a pain to paint.
July: Dwarves
August: Dwarves 
September: if not before this point I do have a Megaboss on Mawcrusha to paint
October: Megaboss on Mawcrusha
November & December: Difficult to say this far down the line.

I will hopefully have the 1000 pts of Ironjawz completed before the Dwarf release and then it will be probably be dwarves for a while after that!

I hope you have enjoyed looking at what we are doing! What projects will you be doing this year?

Stay fluffy