Thursday, 23 March 2017

Kharadron Overlords: Battleline and Behemoths

Hello Everyone,

So as promised last week I'm just going to quickly have a look at all the units I think will be battleline and behemoth for the Kharadron Overlords!

Now I will be reviewing this book when I receive it, so hopefully you'll see that soon!

So for the battleline I think its fairly obvious we will see these guys below

Image result for kharadron overlords

They look like they will be the troop choice for the army, with some interesting weapons. I don't think the standard axes and swords will be particularly good with probably no rend and I would say the same for the pistols. However the special weapons hopefully will do, there's a power harpoon, a harpoon gun and what looks like an assault cannon! This looks like where they will excel, having multiple damange and rending abilities.

As for armour I doubt they will be strong, maybe a 5+, these guys don't have the armour of the Stormcast or Ironjawz which I believe are both 4+'s. Also their back packs could have some ability.

Next the Balloon guys!

Image result for kharadron overlords

These to me seem like a unit you will be able to have as battleline if you take the Kharadron Overlords allegiance. They look as though they will be the fast moving cavalry of the army, it also looks like they come in different builds. The power harpoon assault troops above or...

These guys, with different heads (Gas masks?) and weapons. They look like a more of a ranged unit, with strange pistols and an even bigger harpoon/grapling hook gun! Also in the back right it looks like there is a different weapon type which you can also see on the frigates.

Next a unit with some nasty looking guns...

Image result for kharadron overlords

I really do love these models and they look pretty menacing for the table top! I'm not sure if they would be battleline under the Overlords allegiance but if you look at the way the Ironjawz are set up then they may well be.

I can't begin to predict what these weapons will do but if GW have been clever they'll allow you to field all of the variants together or so you can just specialise them for a particular battle field role. Meaning you have to buy loads of them! I also think they are well armoured so will be rocking the 4+ save.

Now to the Behemoths and their weapon load outs..

Image result for kharadron overlords

A great image comparing each of the ships, The smallest ship may not end up being a behemoth as it does look fairly small. Amazing looking models though and I think GW is really looking at how it can make races compatible with other universes for a again monetary purposes and for if you want to convert them into Squats! lol.

What I find most interesting are the weapon options, the picture above shows a cannon and the picture below shows the new unknown kind of weapon.

On this image below the medium ship has a cannon whereas the one above has a huge harpoon!

So it looks like you can field either a cannon, gatling gun, harpoon or the new weapon? I hope its not a laser! As they are already pushing the boundaries of technology in this universe, its supposed to still be fantasy even if it is high fantasy.

The final point I will make is.. is this a transport? It certainly looks like it could be and a very interesting idea to have in AoS. Maybe its with the squats in mind! ;)

So let me know what you think about these models or what they may be able to do in the game!

Thanks again,

Aveinus Kaane


Hello everyone,

A very interesting day for news on the Warhammer front!

So to begin with Shadespire has been previewed at Adepticon, obviously it is a new boardgame from GW which features both models and card decks.

The best way to hear an in depth description of the game is to check out the latest Warhammer Weekly with Vince and Tom.

Just head over to War of Sigmar and there is a link there to the video.

Now I will warn you the audio is poor due to them having internet issues but if you really want to hear about the game go to around the 15 minute mark and be patient as they do repeat the information.

They do mention that GW have said that other races will feature in this game too, so its not just Stormcast and Khorne! Hooray! This should hopefully mean AOS rules for these characters too! Come on GW lets have more Ironjawz characters!


Thumb 22ea41f055809e7dd389e14e436ffcf1342d12d9355803d92195ca405d08d3d9

A bit blurry but hopefully there will be some good conversion opportunities in these Nurgle Cultists for AOS Marauders! I am hoping we will get a better look at the cultist kit soon, to see what possibilities there could be.

Also I'm hoping for Nurgle Pestigors! Hopefully GW will have seen the worth in having kits like the Tzaangors and Arcanties which can be used in both universes.

So onto to another post about the Kharadron Overlords!

Thanks again,

Aveinus Kaane.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Rumour Preview

He is a picture of the rumour preview for this week. 


After looking at this, I immediately thought it was some kind of Dark Aelf, possibly Shadowkin. If this is the case, I am very excited as a former Dark Eldar player, this is defiantly the type of army I would love to do for Age of Simgar. 

Comment below with your thoughts at what this could be.

Take care :-)  


Ghrolls Flesh Eater Showcase

Hi all. 

I advised a couple of days ago that I will showcase my Flesh Eater Courts, and here they are :-)


The colour scheme I used is very basic and I think pretty effective. First I sprayed them all black, and then a very faint white spray from the top down. Once this was done, all I done was wash the whole model with the desired colour. Then all that was left was the details, i.e bones and stuff like that. If you would like to see a step by step guide with photos, please let me know in the comments below, and a an looking to expand on the army a little bit. 

Anyway, back to the pictures. 

Ghoul King


Crypt Horrors led by a Crypt Haunter Courtier.


Crypt Flayers


Crypt Ghouls


Mourngul. I would like to note, that I decided to add this model to my army before I realised how good the rules were. It was purely because it is modelled with the Flesh Eater Courts in the exhibition at Warhammer World 



And finally, a Terrorgheist



As I mentioned before, I am looking to add some more to this army. This included at least 40 more Ghouls, a Crypt Infernal Courtier, a Zombie Dragon and a Varghulf Courtier.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and also if you would like more in depth photos of a particular model/unit.

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Take care and stay fluffy


Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The Blades Of Khorne are coming!!!

Hi all.

So we have been informed that there is due to be a new battletome called Blades of Khorne which is due to be released in April.

This is going to be the Khorne equivalent to the Disciples of Tzeentch battletome which was released at the start of this year. I, as a future Khorne player, am very excited about this. Even though I have not read the Tzeentch battletome, I have read the excellent review that Kaelo Rylanus done which you can find here This has got me very excited to the Khorne equivalent.

We have been advised that no new models will be released, which I admit is a shame, however we have not long got that amazing looking Khorne demon model by Forge World, so I can't really moan that much lol.

Stay tuned as I'm sure we will attempt to get a review of this battletome as soon as possible, and any more news in the meantime. Also, you will now be able to find us on twitter at @ageofwarhammer. Please follow and share with your friends. But most of all, stay fluffy :-)

Ghroll Khuz

Monday, 20 March 2017

Ghroll Khuz. My story so far

Hi, my name is Ghroll Khuz and I have been invited by Kaelo to participate in his blog, for which I am very excited about.

First of all, I'd like to give you a little bit of a background on me regarding the hobby. It was actually Kaelo who introduced me to the hobby in a previous life. I have always been a bigger fan in fantasy than sci-fi, however, at the time, the fantasy models where in those block on movement try, which I really was not a fan of. So I instead decided to delve into to world of 40k. About 3500 pts later, I had a fully painted Dark Eldar army.

Since then, Games workshop done the best think I think they could have by getting rid of those awful movement trays and moving fantasy onto round bases. As a result of this, Kaelo and myself really jumped into fantasy feet first and haven't really looked back.

I am slowly making my way through the novels, which I am really enjoying, and looking forward to where they are going in the universe. I also have a fully painted Flesh Eater army, which I will showcase in a future post very soon, so stay tuned

Take care :-)


Thursday, 16 March 2017

Kharadron Overlords: Characters

Hello everyone,

I'm back to talk about the new release of the Kharadron Overlords!

Image result for kharadron overlords

My Thoughts...

Now I am a little biased because I have always been a massive fan of anything related to the dwarves, but i'll talk about the negatives to this this release first and then on to all the postives!

As a Dwarf player I really wanted to see them combine the Duardin into one complete battletome, you could spare the fyreslyers but it would have been a good opportunity to update their already out of date book. However its the Dispossessed that really miss out as there is an entire range of great models there which really need a book to make them in any way competitive or more fun for narrative play. So this new battletome looks like it is just for the Overlords and there also doesn't look like there will be any crossover between the two factions! Although I may be proved wrong yet!

On the positive side of things the models look fantastic in my opinion, yes I do prefer low fantasy dwarves but its hard not to like this release. I'm majorly excited from a gaming point of view to see how these guys play and perform on the table when we see the rules. It looks it won't just be a gun line as the skyships and balloon guys will provide the maneuverability dwarves have always lacked.

So in my first post lets have a look at the character models and what potential build options there could be for them...

Image result for kharadron overlords

Probably the worst model of the lot for me, very strange aesthetic and the top hat I really don't like so hopefully there's another head option but he looks like a pretty tasty named character on the gaming side of things.

I think he has the combination of both shooting with the cannon, combat with the chainsword?! and exoskeleton providing his added power and strength and the weird balloon contraption for maneuverability! Just lose the top hat!

Image result for kharadron overlords

I love the look of this guy though, I'm sure he can kick out some mortal wounds! It also looks like he has a triple barreled pistol of some sort. Probably a standard overlord hero, it will be interesting to see if he has build options, but no exoskeleton like the previous hero.

Image result for kharadron overlords
My favourite character of the release is he some sort of dwarf techpriest or is he a combat hero with those mechanical arms attached to his hammer?! interesting! Such an awesome looking hammer!

Image result for kharadron overlords

Also a very cool sculpt on this guy, I imagine he will be the character to provide some well needed buffs and synergies to the army, using some sort of chemical substance? Hopefully not magic based though!

Image result for kharadron overlords

And finally this chap! With his hi tech watering can... No idea what this character will do other than spray nasty chemicalness all over the enemy? He does however look very similar to the gun totting infantry so maybe he's a character build from inside that box. I would definitely like to see character builds from the infantry boxes like in the flesh eater book as it will add more depth to the army in terms of gaming.

So this is just the first post I am going to write on these guys as I will be doing another looking at the models and build options for the battle line and then the behemoths in the this army in the next week before their release. I will be starting this army as soon as they are released so I will also try and provide WIP posts in april and beyond!

Let me know what you think to these characters and what you think they'll be able to do in the game! Also apologies if I didn't get back to you on my last post as I was hit by one of papa nurgles plagues!

Thanks for reading,

Aveinus Kaane